Tuesday, November 14, 2017

CNN’s Jeff Toobin smacks down Don Jr. Wikileaks defense: ‘It’s like saying I only robbed a few banks’

Donald Trump Jr. defended himself in released communications with Wikileaks by claiming that it was merely a few small messages and nothing meaningful. However, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said that’s not a defense.

“Don Jr. in his defense was saying look at the direct messages, I only responded a couple times,” said Caitlin Huey-Burns of RealClearPolitics. “If you look at the timeline, it shows that’s not necessarily true. You can count these Twitter interactions or messages as interactions, too. This is the second instance where Don Jr. is at least open to engaging with foreign adversaries here.”

“I wanted to make a point well, ‘I only responded to a couple messages.’ It’s not a defense to bank robbery that you only robbed a couple of banks. You don’t have to commit multiple crimes to be guilty of a crime,” Toobin said. Trump Jr.’s attorney released a statement in the wake of the release of the communications with Wikileaks, saying he has cooperated with the committees and investigations and turned over “thousands of documents in response to their requests.” The statement also claimed they have “no concerns about these documents and any questions raised about them have been easily answered in the appropriate forum.”

Mika Brzezinski Jabs Kellyanne Conway: ‘Un-Credible Because She Blatantly Lies’

After playing a number of clips showing Pence denying knowledge of other illicit campaign business, Brzezinski noted that “literally anytime he’s interviewed on anything of substance and concern, he says he knows absolutely nothing.”

“So either he’s clueless and he joined this administration and put in ear plugs and put on blinders and is walking around completely incapable of hearing anything, is that possible?”

“It’s possible that they leave him out of the room when they’re having the discussions,” co-host Joe Scarborough suggested.


Brzezinski then evoked White House counselor Kellyanne Conway to ask why anyone bothers interviewing Pence in the first place: “Kellyanne Conway is un-credible because she blatantly lies, somebody who’s clueless is not credible either.” Conway is perhaps best known for her combative cable news interviews and inventive ways of explaining away the latest missive from President Donald Trump — including, most infamously, her defense of what she called “alternative facts.”

Monday, November 13, 2017

Steph Ruhle Blasts Alabama Voters Still Backing Roy Moore: ‘That is Perverse!’

Stephanie Ruhle is perplexed that 42 percent of the Alabama electorate is standing behind Moore. During a segment of her show focusing on the race Monday, Ruhle blasted Alabama Republicans for not ditching Moore and mounting a write-in campaign with an alternate candidate (likely current Sen. Luther Strange).

“If you’re a Republican, why not say, ‘I still want the Republican Party, you know, to win in the end, just not this guy?'” Ruhle said, referring to Moore.

“There are people within the party who President Donald Trump has unleashed who just want to see people like you and me and you suffer, and scream, and say ‘What is wrong with you?'” Siegfried said. “They like that we’re freaking out right now.”

“I’m not freaking out!” Ruhle shot back. “I’m not suffering! I care about the people of Alabama.” Ruhle wrapped her segment by slamming Alabama voters for condoning Moore’s behavior by continuing to back him. “[M]aybe we have shined a light on a part of the country, or a community, that allows this kind of behavior,” Ruhle said. “Because those 14-year-old girls, and the girls who will turn 14 tomorrow, and next year, and the year after that, they’re victims. And maybe what we’re doing today will change that going forward. Because that is perverse.”

Morning Joe Baffled by Trump ‘Cozying Up to Putin and Making Lovey-Dovey Eyes’

Trump spent time with Putin at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam last week, which led him to suggest he believes Putin instead of US intelligence agencies on the issue of Kremlin election interference — though he would later backtrack on that suggestion.

“If Donald Trump is under investigation and his administration and people around him, the Russia collusion and whole Mueller investigation, right… In simple terms the president would think it’s probably not in my best self interest to be seen again sidling with Vladimir Putin, cozying up to Vladimir Putin and making lovey dovey eyes in these pictures we’ve been showing here. (He should) maybe just think, I should probably put distance between myself and Vladimir Putin.”

“It’s really confounding… It would be so much simpler if the president would just come out and say Russia obviously interfered with our election and we’re going to investigate that and stop them from doing it going forward, and I’ll tell that to Vladimir Putin’s face,” said Pace.

Joe Biden to Megyn Kelly: Blue Collar Rust Belters ‘Love Me More’ Than Trump

Kelly asked Biden about reasons a skeptic might throw cold water on the idea of Biden 2020.

“You’re going to be 77 in 2020,” Kelly said. “You wouldn’t have any new ideas. You’ve already run twice and lost. You’d have to promise that it would be one term only. And the blue collar Rust Belt-ers who you’d need to get elected already love [President] Donald Trump.”

Biden was silent for a beat, And then, he deadpanned: “They love me more.”

The response was met with cheers from the Megyn Kelly Today studio audience. Biden smiled, and then elaborated after being prompted by Kelly.

“I understand the Rust Belt,” Biden said. “Donald Trump has no notion what those people going through. If you take a look — it’s not a criticism, it’s an observation — because look, but for 77,000 votes now, this would be a different race. Come on, let’s take a look at this. “They call me ‘Middle Class Joe.’ Well, it’s not meant as a compliment in Washington. It means I’m not sophisticated. But I understand. I understand what built this country. And the only thing I know I know is the middle class, their hopes, their aspirations. Because it’s where I come from. It’s what I am.”

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Ex-adviser Kingston ‘not troubled’ as Trump sides with Putin and calls intelligence officials ‘political hacks’

A CNN discussion on President Donald Trump’s defense of Vladimir Putin’s claim he had nothing to do with meddling in the 2016 election turned combative Saturday morning with a former Trump adviser said he isn’t “troubled by it.”

“I would say like I’m really troubled by this, but I’m not surprised,” Rogin began. “This is what President Trump has been saying all along, that he basically believes Putin when Putin says ‘I didn’t do it,’ and Trump says, ‘okay, that’s good enough for me, case closed.'”

“Luckily for America and our democracy, there are lots of other people in Washington and around the world who don’t believe Putin when he says I didn’t do it, and are looking into it,” Rogin continued.

The Mueller investigation. We’re talking about the Senate. We’re talking about the House. We’re talking about our intelligence agencies. we’re talking about lots and lots of think tanks and academics all over the world who believe the Russians interfered. and believe they’re still doing it in 2018 and 2020. And to just throw our hands up and say ‘well I asked him and he said he didn’t do it what are we going to do?’ is simply not acceptable.” “I think number one, people like Clapper and Comey have proven themselves to be very political, at least not removed from the politics,” Kingston began. “But I also want to say, I’ll agree with Josh, this doesn’t surprise me. But I also would say it doesn’t trouble me. Because I think it’s almost a perfunctory statement because the minute he meets with Putin, that’s going to be the question certainly by the press. so, he needs to just kind of get that out of the way.”

Maher pounds Jared Kushner as ‘Trump’s boy wonder — and he has done nothing’

Calling Kushner the “boy wonder,” Maher added, “Because what anyone sees in him, boy, really makes you wonder.”

In a new segment called, “Checking on on Jared,” Maher ticked off all the tasks given to Kushner ranging from peace in the Middle East to solving the opioid crisis to improving relations with Mexico — before saying he has “done nothing,” although the HBO host conceded relations with Canada improved after Ivanka Trump “eyef*cked” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Maher then turned a scathing eye on the “best people” Trump claims he stocked his administration with, including Rick Perry, Nikki Haley and Ben Carson.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace: Trump ‘Has a Point’ When He Complains About Media Bias

Fox News’ Chris Wallace: Trump ‘Has a Point’ When He Complains About Media Bias

While accepting the International Center for Journalists Founder Award for Excellence in Journalism last night, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace called out President Donald Trump for attacking America’s free press. But he also said the president was onto something regarding his constant complaints about the unfair media.

“Let me be clear — whatever side you’re on in the debate over journalism these days — you’re not going to like some of what I have to say,” Wallace told the crowd, giving them fair warning of what was to come.

“President Trump is engaged in the most direct, sustained assault on a free press in our history,” Wallace stated. “Since early in the campaign, he has done everything he can to delegitimize the media, attacking us institutionally and individually.”

“There’s an old saying — ‘Even hypochondriacs sometimes get sick.’ And even if President Trump is trying to undermine the press for his own calculated reasons, when he talks about bias in the media — unfairness — I think he has a point,” Wallace said. He would go on to list out examples of what he felt were instances of the mainstream media showing undue bias towards the president.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Nicolle Wallace blisters Devin Nunes for hindering Russia probe: ‘I’m not sure he has the capacity for shame’

Wallace — a former communications strategist for Pres. George W. Bush’s administration — pointed to the number of revelations that have come to light which were previously denied by the administration and enablers like purportedly recused House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA).

“Ludicrous comparison drawn by Devin Nunes about ‘unmasking,’” Wallace said. “He seems to have now…well, I’m not sure he has the capacity for shame, but that notion doesn’t seem to be front and center anywhere but on a few select conservative media outlets.”

“He doesn’t even have a real doctor,” she said of Pres. Trump. “He’s got, like, a fake doctor. I mean, what has he ever done?”
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