Wednesday, July 26, 2017

‘Check the entire West Wing’: Morning Joe says Scaramucci must literally ‘fire everybody’ to stop leaks

“Let’s just say from experience — everybody on this set knows this — he should check the entire West Wing, because the leaking is extraordinary,” Scarborough said.The “Morning Joe” host said Scaramucci’s threat actually wasn’t extraordinary, but Trump’s presidency had so warped expectations that it seemed ominous.

“I know that because the autocratic feel of this White House and the heavy-handedness of this president and lack of respect for democratic norms by this president,” Scarborough said, “(it) probably had a lot of people back on their heels when Anthony Scaramucci said this (Tuesday), but I see nothing (wrong).” “If you have a White House that leaks as much as this White House has, I have no problem with Anthony Scaramucci or somebody else saying, ‘If the leaking doesn’t stop, I’m going to fire everybody,'” Scarborough said. “Whatever it takes to stop the leaking. Isn’t that what a chief of staff would normally do?” “The president of the United States is always attacking the unnamed sources, (but) the overwhelming majority of them come from the White House every single day, and you have Anthony Scaramucci doing what every successful chief of staff has had the ability to do, and that is to hire and fire who you think you need to hire and fire to make the White House better. Yes, he is impeding on Reince Priebus’ territory — but that’s probably by design by the president and Scaramucci.”

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