Sunday, July 23, 2017

WATCH: Combative Kellyanne Conway freaks out when CNN host states Trump campaign worked with Russians

CNN, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway took offense when host Brian Stelter pointed out the Donald Trump election officials had been speaking with the Russians long before she joined the campaign.“Russia is a big story,” Stelter said as Conway sniped, “Why?” “Because journalists love America and America was attacked last year and America’s probably going
 to be attacked again next year around the midterms, and you call it a hoax,” Stetler explained.“And that has what to do with our campaign that I managed? I managed that winning campaign,” Conway smugly retorted. “It has what to do with that campaign?” “That may be because by the time you became campaign manager, the deal was already in, the conversations were already had. We don’t know, Kellyanne, but shouldn’t we find out?” Stelter asked. “Are you alleging there was active conversations with Russians trying to change the election results?” a ruffled Conway shot back. “Because very few people are saying that. Are you saying that or just trying to put it out there because you guys are so invested? What is there? What constitutional crisis are we facing right now?”

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