Sunday, August 27, 2017

Ana Navarro obliterates Trump’s Arpaio apologist: ‘Can you spell hypocrisy? Or should I spell it out for you?’

CNN contributor Ana Navarro reacted on Sunday after President Donald Trump announced he would pardon Arizona ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is know for his harsh enforcement and anti-immigrants actions. “For the vast majority of Latinos, Joe Arpaio is a symbol of racism,” Navarro explained to CNN host Jake Tapper on Sunday. “Of anti-immigrant sentiment and abuse of power. And this is the guy that Donald Trump chose to pardon.”

“It’s his right to pardon,” Navarro agreed. “He took extraordinary steps, he did not take the advice of the Justice Department. And another message that he’s sending… you know, this issue that’s been reported that he asked [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions if they could drop the case against Arpaio. That is bone-chilling. And let us remember that James Comey told us exactly the same thing.” “How is asking a question of your cabinet an abuse of power?” Caputo complained. “That’s not abuse of power.” “Listen,” Navarro snapped. “Donald Trump does not do simple inquiries. James Comey was not a simple inquiry.”

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