Tuesday, August 22, 2017

April Ryan Blasts Louise Linton: ‘Optics Matter’

Over on CNN Newsroom, CNN contributor April Ryan blasted Linton for what anchor John Berman called “a tough look.”“When you are a public servant, and even if you’re married to a public servant, you have to remember service is about the people,” Ryan said. “And many of the people that you’re serving cannot afford a Birkin bag that’s at least $10,000 or a beautiful scarf by whatever designer it was.”

“You have to remember many of the people your husband is serving can just barely make it there, trying to make ends meet, unemployed, underemployed or just making it,” Ryan said. “You have to be very careful how you flash your wealth and flash your status, particularly as you are serving people. “I know she is the wife,” Ryan said in closing. “But optics matter.”

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