Friday, August 18, 2017

Ben Shapiro Warns of War: Bannon is a ‘Deeply Vengeful Guy’

After writing in a piece for The Daily Wire that Bannon is “preparing for the possibility of war with Trump,” Shapiro said on MSNBC that the chief strategist had become marginalized in the White House, and that his behavior in the past week shows Bannon knew he was on the way out.“That Trump has betrayed his base, and that Bannon is the actual real leader of the populist,

nationalist alt-right movement,” Shapiro continued. “Bannon is a super ambitious, deeply vengeful guy.”“He’s put himself in a pretty good position to be a significant thorn in Trump’s side,” Shapiro said. Shapiro also claimed that it’s unlikely Bannon’s departure will have a concrete effect on the administration’s policy, as Trump has not accomplished much of his nationalist agenda: “His talk has been Bannon’s talk, but his walk has been Gary Cohn walk.”

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