Thursday, August 24, 2017

Brooke Baldwin Compares Stark Difference of Tone in Trump Speeches: ‘I Have Whiplash’

For CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, it was a tale of two Trumps. Immediately after the President concluded his speech in Reno, Baldwin said that she found the contrast to be dizzying. “Quite a contrast from that speech he gave last night,” Baldwin said. “I have whiplash. It’s like, which president is going to show up today?”

“You can go back to the response to Charlottesville last week, and then the TelePrompTer speech and then the Trump Tower. It’s like it negated the previous day,” Baldwin said. “Same, you know, in a sense with this week. You had the Afghanistan TelePrompTer speech. Then you had, you know, the off-the-cuff rally cry Trump last night in Phoenix. And now this.”

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