Tuesday, August 29, 2017

‘But wait — there’s more’: Morning Joe calls Trump campaign a Russian ‘money-making scam’ gone wrong

Several news organizations broke stories Monday that show Trump was pursuing a real estate deal in Moscow nearly six months into his presidential run, and an email from his associate Felix Sater to his attorney Michael Cohen show the two men hoped to get campaign assistance from the Kremlin. “It just keeps going,” Scarborough said. “You keep thinking they couldn’t have done anything dumber than this — but they just did.”

“This was all a money-making scam,” Scarborough said. “He thought Jeb Bush was going to beat him. He was going to — straight-out Steve Miller Band and ‘Take the Money and Run.'” “What did I tell you?” Scarborough said. “Did I tell you there was more?” “You get a second Donald Trump Russia story, (but) you must pay shipping and handling,” Halperin said. “All for $19.95,” co-host Mika Brzezinski joked.

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