Saturday, August 5, 2017

Change the locks, now is your chance’ Colbert tells White House staff as Trump goes on 17-day vacation

Colbert impersonated the President’s voice to read one of Trump’s tweetsbashing former President Barack Obama for vacationing. Trump has taken more vacation days in 7 months than Obama did in 8 years. “I know, but let’s focus on the bright side of that tweet,” Colbert suggested. “Donald Trump has heard the word ‘ethics’ — there’s been no evidence up til now,” Colbert ribbed.Colbert also informed his audience of the “major renovations”
TONIGHT: Stephen wishes the President well as he leaves the "dumpy" White House and begins a 17-day summer vacation in New Jersey. 

the White House will undergo while Trump vacations in New Jersey. “It’s about damn time, I heard that place is a dump,” Colbert said, in reference to Trump’s slam of his official residence.

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