Friday, August 25, 2017

Democrats want Clinton’s book gone, Kellyanne Conway says

Democrats, still seething and licking their wounds after losing the presidential election to Republican Donald Trump, want their former nominee, Hillary Clinton, to be either “useful or fade out of the limelight,” a counselor to the president said Thursday.“Look at the crackup of the left,” said Conway, who was a top Trump aide during the campaign. “

 “You’ve got Hillary Clinton, who Democrats are whispering all over this town they wish that this book didn’t happen—that she would just either make herself useful or fade out of the limelight. Where is her bipartisan effort to try to help with infrastructure, meaningful tax reform or the opioid crisis that I work on in the building behind me every single day? We haven’t heard from her.”
“She failed to make history, and she succeeds at making excuses,” Conway said. “And that is emblematic of the Democratic Party right now that is so bereft of ideas and issues that they have to then play armchair psychiatrist. We’re not going to let it happen. It’s outrageous.”

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    Stay on your knees and tend to what you know best!


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