Thursday, August 24, 2017

Donny Deutsch Earns Rebuke From Scarborough After Suggesting Trump a ‘Sociopath’

On set today, Deutsch was in top form almost launching into a full blown monologue about how Trump was a “sociopath” — before Scarborough shut it down.“Donny, it’s been your job to obsess over brand management for corporations, for public figures. He’s cutting against his image.” said Scarborough “If you’re going to narrowcast, narrowcast. If you’re going to expand your audience, expand your audience and have the guts to do that knowing your base is going to stay with you. But he’s in a dead zone here. What do you tell your client if your client is like Trump?”

“I’m going to give you the honest answer to that,” he began. Oh boy. “I would tell my client they need help.” he said. “I happened to stumble across the symptoms, the definition of a sociopath.” Scarborough immediately killed it. “No no no, Donny. Donny. Come on,” he said before refocusing the conversation back to branding and some analogy about General Motors. “We don’t need the pop psychiatry here.”

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