Tuesday, August 29, 2017

‘Embarrassing’: Former GOP insider unloads on the party’s ‘abysmal’ treatment of people of color

Sophia Nelson, a lawyer who formerly worked on legal and advisory teams for several prominent Republicans, unloaded on the GOP’s record on race relations in an interview with ABC News this week. “What did you think the evolution of your party was going to be when you basically don’t really understand women and women’s rights?” Nelson asked of the GOP. “When you don’t have any agenda for people of color or African-Americans, which used to be your most natural constituency, from Lincoln all the way until the 1960s? And you’ve built the party on Nixon’s ‘Southern Strategy’?”

“Look at the numbers in the Republican Party,” Nelson lamented. “They’re terrible for people of color and African-Americans in particular. It’s abysmal. It’s horrible. It’s embarrassing.” “It’s one thing to give a speech and to have talking points and to say ‘we care,’ but love is a verb, as my grandmother used to say. It’s action,” she said.. “So don’t tell me that you care about communities of color, but you have rallies where people of color are getting punched in the face.”

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