Wednesday, August 30, 2017

‘Even being president – he’s just a show’: Joy Reid calls out Trump’s obsession with crowd size and ratings

While in Corpus Christi, Texas Tuesday to visit FEMA responders, Trump addressed a small makeshift gathering of people and commented that it was a great crowd. The internet quickly blasted him for acting like he was holding some sort of campaign rally after people fought for their lives during a storm. “I don’t think he sees the human scale of misery,” Reid told Noah. “He said something to the effect of ‘Harvey’s a really nice name, but you know the storm — not nice, not nice.’ No kidding. It’s a hurricane!”

“If you look at Donald Trump and how he’s tried to do his entire life, is kind of do a show,” she continued. “And he always wants to have a bigger and better show. And even being president, he’s just a show. He looks to see, how is it rating and how many people are watching Donald Trump.” “This is the same guy who was running for president, they know who he is,” Reid said. “I think they’ve made a very crass calculation that they’ll accept anything Donald Trump does as long as they get what they want. And as long as he’s there to explain to his base the tax cuts for billionaires they want are the things that they want for themselves, as long as he’s there to translate that into Trump fan-ese, they don’t care what he does.” “That is a Republican voter. It has migrated from being a member of the Democratic Party to a Republican Party vote and it has done for the last 40 years,” Reid went on. “Democrats just can’t accept it. They need to learn that those Archie Bunker voters of the 1970s are gone. So they can long for it all they want, you’re not going to convince them by saying ‘we’re going to give you free college.’ That’s not why they’re voting.” The only way to win is by going out to get Democrats and those with Democratic Party values out to vote. “They’re too busy longing for the other party that they don’t go get their people out to vote,” Reid said.

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