Thursday, August 31, 2017

Focus Group With Trump Voters Savages President on MSNBC: ‘We All Knew He Was a Nut’

In a segment aired on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, many of these Trump supporters did not voice a die-hard support for the president himself, even when describing the reasons they cast their vote. “It was more of an anti-Hillary vote,” said one; “I didn’t want more of what we already had,” said another. “I look at a president to be presidential, someone who is calm, focused… In some aspects, [Trump is] almost turning into a politician in a different way, saying things he thinks his base wants to hear. He’s let me down,” said one Trump voter during the focus group, per Politico.

“I traditionally am in the ‘give the guy a chance’…. His learning curve has been a little disappointing, meaning he hasn’t caught on like everyone has said here, ‘If he did this, he’d be OK,'” voiced another Pittsburgh resident who supporter the president during the election. He won the state by a thin margin of 44,000 votes, and if this focus group — along with his plummeting approval ratings — are representative of what those in the state feel toward the president, he should feel uneasy about his future in a state many cite as a primary reason he was elected.

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