Monday, August 28, 2017

‘He is our bigot-in-chief’: Ex-Watergate prosecutor scorches Trump for racially divisive Arpaio pardon

Former Watergate prosecutor Nick Ackerman blasted President Donald Trump on Saturday in an MSNBC discussion about Trump’s pardon of Arizona former Sheriff Joe Arpaio. “I think this entire pardon is totally outrageous,” Ackerman said. “It undermines our legal system, our judicial system, and essentially shows that what President Trump did with respect to the Charlottesville demonstration, basically equating the white nationalists with the counter-demonstrators, really shows that he is our bigot-in-chief.”

He continued, “This was a situation where Joe Arpaio, a sheriff — a law enforcement officer who was sworn to uphold the law and the Constitution of the United States — was going out and arresting people just because they were Latinos. Putting in people who were American citizens, putting them under arrest. He had no probable cause to arrest people for immigration violations. In fact, the court, the Arizona federal district court judge, found that there was no basis and directly ordered Arpaio not to arrest people based on this racial profiling. Instead what he did was to violate — willfully and knowingly — violate that court order.”

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