Monday, August 14, 2017

How dare you!’ CNN segment descends into absolute chaos as guests scream ‘racist’ at each other

While the discussion about the white nationalist march in Charlottesville was contentious, things spiraled out of control when Boykin said President Donald Trump was catering to “the base, racist and white supremacists” with his Sunday speech. “How dare you call Trump supporters racist, sir,” Gargiulo shouted.

“Oh, my god. You stand-up here and defend Nazis. That shows you’re a racist.” Boykin shot back adding, “Don’t you dare call me what I can call –” before Gargiulo cut in repeating, “How dare you call Trump supporters — not all Trump supporters are racist!” “Those who don’t stand-up and call out the racism coming from Trump and Steve Bannon and Stephon Miller in the White House — those people are racist and they need to be called out for it,” Boykin parried. “How dare you question me on that? You have a lot of nerve”

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