Tuesday, August 22, 2017

‘It’s called the graveyard of empires for a reason’: CNN’s Cuomo rips Trump for ignoring realities of Afghan war

Daily Beast editor John Avlon noted that Trump’s speech on Monday night was a “clear departure from his policy in the past,” making everything he says unreliable for the American people.“It’s murky by nature though, but it’s not hard to describe what you want as success, we’ve done it many times,” Cuomo noted. “The problem with Afghanistan, it’s called the graveyard of empires for a reason.

Anybody who has been there will tell you what the main problem is and it wasn’t addressed in that speech last night and not addressing with the military really feels, which is what do you do about corruption and how do you get that government to deliver the services the people need so that they don’t need the Taliban? He didn’t address that last night because it’s too hard to do.” “The old Donald Trump would have rejected every one of the point of this plan,” said Cuomo. Avlon said that he tries not to claim that the speech was a “wag the dog” to get away from his categorical failure on Charlottesville, but that the speech Monday was “teleprompter Trump” not “Twitter Trump.” “It doesn’t matter how you say it, you don’t have to be articulate, you have to mean it,” Cuomo said. “You can have an eloquently spoken word as we saw at the top of the speech last night but it doesn’t mean that people are going to believe especially when it has been contradicted time again.”

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