Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Jake Tapper to Trump: ‘Your Behavior Is Causing Great Concern’ with Majority of Americans

Tapper pointed out that Trump very noticeably omitted his “many sides” comments as he accused the media of not covering the totality of what he said. “Attacking the media by lying about the media,” he continued, “was a common theme last night.” And on top of all that, Tapper brought up the growing questions about President Trump’s fitness for office, including from James Clapper:

“This is a subject that I hear more and more on Capitol Hill from Republicans as well as Democrats, in off-the-record whispers. They ask, does President Trump have the wherewithal to be president? Not just is he able to channel the aspirations of uniting us, but as Republican Senator Corker asked, does he have the stability to be president? Does he have the competence to be president?”

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