Wednesday, August 16, 2017

John Kasich is Worried About the ‘Pathetic’ State of the Presidency

Ohio governor and 2016 presidential candidate John Kasich went on the Today Show Wednesday morning to continue his criticism of President Donald Trump.Kasich started his interview with one word, “pathetic.”“To not condemn these people who went there to carry out violence and to somehow draw equivalency to somebody else,

reduces the ability to totally condemn these hate groups. The president has to totally condemn this. And this is not about winning an argument. This is about the fact that now the folks apparently are going to go other places. And they think they had a victory. There is no moral equivalency between the KKK, the neo-Nazis and anybody else. Anybody else is not the issue.” “The presidency is being reduced to another CEO job. The presidency is the most important job in the country. And there is a bitterness setting in that may not be able to be removed. And look, I want him to do well. I want Donald Trump to understand it’s not about winning an argument. It’s about bringing the country together. And it is not about having some argument trying to justify these people on the left who went to a sweet town like Charlottesville for purposes of bringing violence. He needs to make it clear; he’s got to fix this and Republicans have to speak out. Plain and simple. Who cares what party you’re in?”

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