Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Joy Reid: I Don’t Think Trump Understands The ‘Human Scale of Misery’ With Hurricane Harvey

Joy Reid made an appearance on The Daily Show and gave a wide-ranging interview, including Hurricane Harvey, President Trump‘s impeachment, and the current divide among Democrats.“He said something to the effect of ‘Harvey’s a really nice name, but you know the storm — not nice, not nice..’ NO KIDDING, IT’S A HURRICANE!” she exclaimed.“I don’t think he understands the human scale of misery,” she said. “I don’t think that he can connect with the sort of compassion that you normally have when you see a disaster like this.”

Trevor Noah asked the MSNBC host if Trump’s impeachment is “realistic,” something she said she gets asked “all the time.” “As long as there are Republicans in control of the House of Representatives and particularly in the Senate, they’re not going to impeach Donald Trump,” she responded. Noah then pivoted to the “rifts” and the “lack of focus” among Democrats and asked her to weigh in. “They are very disorganized,” Reid said. “The Democrats — they’re not good at the ‘Go for the jugular,’ hard-nosed politics they used to be when the Democrats were an ethnic party — they were kind of ethnic white, ethnic black, ethnic party generally. Now they’re a party that’s looking for consensus. And they look for it, you know, so desperately that they never really come up with a coherent frame for themselves.” “Those voters are Republicans. They just are…That vote has migrated from being a Democratic Party vote to a Republican Party vote and it has done for the last 40 years. Democrats just can’t accept it. So they don’t understand that the voters they long to have back, the sort of Archie Bunker voter that was a Democrat in the ’70s is now a Republican. And so they can long for them all they want. They’re not going to convince them by saying, ‘We’ll give you free college.’ That’s not why they’re voting.”

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