Friday, August 18, 2017

Kate Bolduan Blows Up After Panelist Accuses CNN Of Using Heather Heyer’s Death as ‘Political Cudgel’

It appears that this might actually be a specific strategy by Trump-supporting Republicans as GOP operatives and former Missouri Republican Party chairman Ed Martin essentially did the same thing hours later. In a segment on Heyer’s mother Susan Bro saying she doesn’t want to speak to the president now following his controversial Charlottesville remarks, Martin told anchor Kate Bolduan she and the network were using Heyer’s death as a “political cudgel.”

“I played what a grieving mother said,” Bolduan reacted. “This is what she said. This is her explanation. She said she did put out that statement after his comments Monday when he named and disavowed and named and shamed white supremacist groups. When she looked at the clip from Tuesday, this is now how she feels.” She then pressed Martin, “You don’t think we should play her comments?”

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