Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Laura Ingraham Pans Trump’s Afghan Speech: We Wanted ‘Drain the Swamp not Clear the Desert’

Laura Ingraham said President Trump gave a decent speech last night, but it seems she’s not so supportive about the idea that America will stay involved in foreign intervention campaigns.“It’s very hard to imagine how we win a lasting peace in Afghanistan if we couldn’t do it with 100,000 troops. Now we’re gonna have about 13,000,” Ingraham argued.

.@IngrahamAngle: The American people thought they were going to get ‘drain the swamp’ not ‘clear the desert’

Ingraham was also doubtful that the move will have any substantial impact unless America challenges the extremist ideology coming from areas like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, We’re gonna be in Afghanistan until we take the long dirt nap ourselves,” Ingraham stated. “Is that really what the American people thought they were getting? they thought they were getting drain the swamp, not clear the desert.”

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