Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Maddow: Trump’s attempt to kill Arpaio trial may have blown up his Comey firing ‘ignorance defense’

Maddow posed questions about Trump’s interference to former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade who issued a series of statements that should worry Trump’s attorneys.According to McQuade, “This could be a separate count of obstruction of justice against the president if the president tried to interfere with the Arpaio prosecution.” More importantly, she added, “If Sessions or anybody else explained to Trump that it is inappropriate to interfere with a criminal investigation before Trump attempted to do so with former FBI Director James Comey,

that could help establish that Trump understood that what he was doing in firing James Comey was illegal.” Maddow then broke it down, saying, “So, in other words, this might get rid of his ignorance defense. If the president was told explicitly that he’s really not allowed to interfere in a criminal investigation of Joe Arpaio, then he was in a position to know explicitly that he shouldn’t interfere in the FBI investigation of Michael Flynn by pressuring James Comey about that.”

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