Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Morning Joe Dings Afghanistan Policy: ‘We’re Obligated Just About Everywhere in the World’

“There are a lot of us … a lot of Conservative’s that saw the withdrawal from Iraq as a good thing,” said Scarborough. “After a decade of war, a lot of us, and I include myself here, said enough is enough. Are we going to be an occupying force in two countries for the next 30 years? And a lot of us learned a valuable lesson after Iraq. Suddenly, I stopped saying, when I went out giving speeches ‘we’re spending two billion dollars a week in Afghanistan lets spend that money rebuilding America.’ Well guess what, sometimes we don’t have easy options and Donald Trump ran head-on into that last night.”

“He’s not the first. The last three consecutive presidents ran to one degree or another on retrenchment and those three president encountered realities in the White House that forced them to abandon their campaign trail rhetoric. It’s not easy to tell the American people that we are obligated just about everywhere in the world,” said Rothman. “We have a great game in Afghanistan that we are only just beginning to acknowledge that we’re playing. It’s time to be honest about that”

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