Thursday, August 17, 2017

O’Reilly: Trump Was Getting ‘Fair Payback’ Against Liberals, Media by Calling Out ‘Both Sides’

In a column for The Hill, O’Reilly slammed the media over several TV news segments that delivered critical coverage of Trump’s remarks. O’Reilly said the current controversy is the latest effort to destroy Trump after the media and the left found an opportunity to revive the discussion about whether the president is racist.
“President Trump made the mistake of injecting different opinions into a story where only one point of view is tolerated by the media: Nazi thugs are totally responsible for everything that happened in Charlottesville. Period. If you dissent then you are a Nazi sympathizer.”
“So the president vents by attacking “fake news” and highlighting the sins of the left every chance he gets. For him, this is fair payback for what he has endured. He sees his opponents as dishonest, deserving of constant disparagement. That’s what is happening in the Charlottesville situation. Mr. Trump knows that Nazi sympathizers are bad people but to him they are few in number and have little significance.”

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