Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Outnumbered Knocks Trump’s Speech: ‘Not The Right Tone, Tenor or Environment’

President Donald Trump delivered what was essentially a drunken late-night bar rant before thousands of supporters at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona Tuesday night, slamming the “crooked media” and defending his comments on last week’s white supremacist rally in Charlottesville that ended in terror.“There’s moments in a presidency where you have to step back, where you have to take a pause,

where you need to reevaluate and say, how can I heal this nation?” Mercedes Schlapp concurred. “But it’s at a rally setting,” Schlapp contended. “The campaign rally is just simply not enough to deal with the sensitivity of this topic.” “Part of the issue last night was the president’s tone,” Fox Business Network’s Dagen McDowell said. “He’s talking about unity, healing and love — but it was about him, and him defending himself against people who took issue with his repeated responses to the violence in Charlottesville.”

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