Monday, August 21, 2017

Scarborough Daydreams About Bannon-Led ‘Conservative Populist Network … That Competes With Fox’

As a keen media observer, Joe Scarborough couldn’t help speculating that Bannon might take the helm of a new “Conservative populist network” that could rival Fox News.“If I’m Steve Bannon and I look at the landscape and I look at Fox News trying to figure out exactly what it’s going to be after Roger Ailes, I team up and start a Conservative populist network. The money there would be outrageous,” said Scarborough.

“I would just be surprised if he and the Mercers weren’t trying to figure out a way to start a TV network that competes with Fox.” Trump’s election to the presidency dashed hoped for a Trump TV — a widely speculated prospect in the event of a Clinton triumph. The White House has nevertheless done their best to move ahead with the idea anyway, including launching a series of delightfully state-run looking broadcasts from Trump Tower. One episode, starring ex-CNNer Kayleigh McEnany came in for significant criticism earlier this month.

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