Monday, August 21, 2017

Shep Smith Has Fun With MSNBC’s Eclipse Coverage: ‘Dark and Vacant’

Now you can look at the thing!” Smith said in a moment of pure joy. “It’s covered so you can look at it! OH MY GOD!”Lest he have all the fun, the Fox News host thought it a good idea check in on his competitors during this historic day.“I wanted to give you a little fair and balanced coverage by showing you what’s happening on the other networks,” Smith said.

“This is where we watch all four of the cable networks,” Smith said, pointing. Then, taking a friendly poke at one of his rivals, he added, “We don’t count CNBC.” But Smith wasn’t done with the NBC family of networks. As he turned his attention to the screen broadcasting MSNBC, the anchor took one more good natured poke. “Over on MSNBC it’s just sort of dark and vacant. You know?”

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