Friday, August 11, 2017

SHOCKER: Donny Deutsch Praises Trump?!: ‘This is Not Going to Do Well For Me in the Hamptons’

On Morning Joe Friday, Donny Deutsch was on hand to offer his always colorful commentary of the state of our world today, and Donald Trump.“I didn’t have a huge problem with what he did to tell you the truth. We have a leader in North Korea whose only objective is to stay in power. He doesn’t want to blow himself,” said Deutsch “I actually think that rhetoric was kind of needed at this point. Nobody’s been more critical of this guy.

I and a lot of people I talk to also — and this is not going to do well for me in the Hamptons this weekend — under their breath were saying ‘you know what, maybe that needed to be said’ It was new territory for Deutsch. His tone was uncharacteristically muted, as if the words almost stuck in his throat. Even Scarborough wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, pivoting to a joke about how he would never go to the Hamptons because he is a “man of the people.”

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