Tuesday, August 15, 2017

‘This was violence and terrorism’: Joy Reid sees deeper evil in racist rally that wasn’t just a march gone awry

MSNBC’s Joy Reid called outevangelical Christians for their inaction over the weekend in denouncing the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia after faith leaders faced backlash.“They were inside praying while outside you could hear the rumbling and roar,” Reid described, noting that one pastor was alive during the segregated south. “She said it sounded like a lynching outside.”
“This was not a march that went awry – this was violence and terrorism perpetrated against lay people, Christians, peaceful marchers who were just there to organize against hate,” Reid continued. “This was the easiest, lowest bar a president would have to reach to condemn that. The fact that he had to be forced to do it is a scandal on the presidency. It’s a shame. It takes away the moral authority of the office.”

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  1. Trump is a racist we know this for a fact he's a big mouth trouble starter and should have never been a candidate for the presidency to start with. We all knew what a crook this jerk. is and yet we let them vote him in office this country just took a big step back hope they can get him out soon. We are in big trouble if we allow this administration to remain in office.


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