Wednesday, August 23, 2017

WATCH: Ana Navarro scorches Trump for turning Heather Heyer’s murder into a pity party for himself

After President Donald Trump’s speech in Phoenix, Arizona Tuesday night, Navarro tweeted that the president was attempting to make the violence in Charlottesville about himself.“Not hateful white supremacists. Not Heather Heyer. Disgusting narcissism in midst of tragedy,” she wrote.“Defensive 71-year-old man baby having a disrespectful tantrum over the way he was treated over Charlottesville.

Someone bring him a bottle,” she tweeted later. “Only possible defensible explanation for Trump’s disgusting, unpresidential, narcissistic behavior, would be early-on-set dementia. Maybe.” “Go read my tweet. It’s right there!” she exclaimed. “What I said was, that the only defensible excuse, the only defensible explanation is if he is not mentally well. Because, if he is, then he is such an incredible, self-centered, narcissistic, unfit, jerk that it makes it that much worse. The only thing that would make it defensible is if he is not well. Sometime later in the future if we find out he had something, I’m not saying he has it.” “Of course you are,” Ferguson alleged. “I’m saying it is the only defensible excuse for his disgusting, narcissistic behavior,” Navarro explained. “Ok, you might have dementia because you got angry right now?” Ferguson said. He then tried to put words in her mouth claiming she hates the president and voted for Hillary Clinton, gaslighting Navarro and claiming she secretly believed what Ferguson alleged.

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