Saturday, August 26, 2017

WATCH: Black C-SPAN host talks racism with listener who gets his only news from ‘Cops’

As President Donald Trump enflames race relations in America, one C-SPAN caller’s story of redemption offers a glimmer of hope during these dark times. “Garry from North Carolina” called into C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” one year ago today and told black guest, Heather McGhee, “I’m a white male and I am prejudice.”

“There are so many things I did not know that I thought I knew,” he said. “I depended on the media for my information. I looked at television shows like ‘Cops’ and ‘Gangland’ and these programs that portray minorities in a negative way,” he said. “I don’t have the opportunity to come from a diverse area. I live in the rural South.” “He’s really done a transformation of his life and taken this on as a really mission-driven journey,” she said. “He’s chronicling all the racism he observes and sees in his own friends’ circle and life, Confederate flags he’s never really noticed or seen the harm in before.”

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