Sunday, August 20, 2017

Watch Brian Stelter Opens Reliable Sources By Seriously Questioning Trump’s Mental Health

CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter began today’s broadcast of Reliable Sources touching on this subject. Pointing out that Trump’s Charlottesville reaction has provoked questions across the country on Trump’s stability, Stelter noted that reporters are now wrestling with how to handle this issue.“Questions that feel out of bounds, off limits, too hot for TV,” Stelter pondered. “Questions like these:

Is the President of the United States a racist? Is he suffering from some kind of illness? Is he fit for office? And if he’s unfit, then what?” “Since President Trump’s inauguration, there’s been a lot of tiptoeing going on,” he continued. “His actions have been described as unpresidential, unhinged and sometimes even crazy. That word crazy can be interpreted several different ways. It gets said more in private than on TV.”“This brings me back to the questions that are tough to ask out loud on national television. Is the President of the United States suffering from some sort of illness? Is he racist? Is he fit to be commander in chief? And one more, is it time for objective journalists, I don’t mean opinion folks I mean down the middle journalists to address these questions head on and how do they do it?”

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