Saturday, August 19, 2017

WATCH: Joy Reid stumps Trump-supporting pastor with question about what president has done for black people

Pastor Mark Burns of the Harvest Praise and Worship Center in South Carolina appeared on Am Joy to discuss Trump from a relogious perspective after New York City megachurch pastor A.R. Bernard stepped down from the unofficial board of evangelical advisers to Trump over president’s Charlottesville comments.“I believe as I said on your show before, that my support for President Trump lies deeply within my desire to see our faith

the Christian faith, be center of politics again,” Burns offered. “I believe as long as we have, as Dr. Bernard stated, a seat at the table, that it is our spiritual obligation to be a voice of God to the ear of the president of the United States.” “Pastor Burns, can you name any policies that Donald Trump has put forward that have helped people of color or Christians?” Reid asked. “I want to answer Dr. Bernard and again –,” Burns began before being cut off by Reid who pressed, “First, can you answer my question and then you can do that?” “I believe number one, Neil Gorsuch is a person,” Burns began before Reid cut him off again. “That’s not a policy,” Reid explained. “We’re talking about the things the president ran on,” Burns protested. “He’s pro-life. He’s standing behind pro-marriage. He’s Christian and pro-faith. That’s the number one reason why Christians and evangelicals support the president of the United States. So we have a Supreme Court justice that believes in the core values.” “It’s 100 percent about abortion and gay marriage? That’s it? That’s all that matters?” a bemused Reid asked. “No. that’s not all that matters, but it was the number one issue why Christians and evangelicals supported the president of the United States,” Burns explained. “Can you name anything else?” Reid remarked, to which the pastor praised the president for the economy.

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  1. This burns fellow is yakker...he dies that to really not answer a question he cant..hypocrite in cloth


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