Friday, August 18, 2017

You’re being childish’: CNN conservatives tear at each other after one calls Trump ‘hopeless’

Corey Stewart, the Minnesota-born, Confederacy-loving Republican who plans to run against Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) in next year’s Virginia Senate race, went on CNN to defend Trump’s comments and tried to call out Cuomo for not condemning the Antifa counter-protesters whom he claims were equally as responsible for violence as the KKK last weekend.

“The question is, when is the left to condemn the far left terrorists leftists like Antifa,” Stewart said. “Corey, the basic premise of trying to say that ‘anybody is like the KKK’ is dangerous because what you do is you end up normalizing their behavior,” Cuomo began to reply. “Nobody ever said that,” Stewart interrupted. “That’s why you’re getting thanked by David Duke!” Cuomo continued. “Corey, remember this: You’re getting thanked by David Duke. White supremacists are saying that they have a friend in the White House and people like you because of what you’re saying.” “We’ve always condemned those organizations,” Stewart objected.

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