Sunday, September 17, 2017

Adam Schiff: Trump Has ‘No Ideology’ Other Than Just Being Pro-Trump

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos brought up the President’s retweet of a GIF showing him hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball and asked if it makes Schiff question “how real this outreach” really is. Schiff said it doesn’t because the whole thing is “purely transactional”:

“This is a President, look, who has no ideology. He’s not conservative. He’s not liberal. The only consistent theme seems to be he’s pro-Trump. He’s for his own personal interests. Sometimes those interests will align. And we shouldn’t cut off our nose to spite our face where they do align, where it makes sense for the American people. We should take advantage of that transactional opportunity.”

He went on to criticize Trump for his “juvenile” retweets.He went on to criticize Trump for his “juvenile” retweets.

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