Monday, September 4, 2017

Brian Stelter Comes Up With New Name For Fox and Friends: ‘Trump and Friends’

During a segment on his program Reliable Sources today, CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter kind of inadvertently stumbled on a new name for Fox News morning stalwart Fox and Friends while running down Fox News’ recent insistence that Russia story had disappeared. “The message from these Fox shows is people are out to get Trump no matter what,” he observed. “Whether it is about Russia, whether it is about Charlottesville, no matter what it is.”

Stelter continued, “Trump morning host, excuse me, Fox and Friends morning host — not ‘Trump and Friends,’ though that would be a good name for it — Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade suggested this is a conspiracy!” Back in June, Stelter labeled Fox and Friends an “infomercial” for Trump, leading to the morning program to go back after the network in the ensuing days over its Russia story retraction. At one point, F&F asked viewers to come up with a new nickname for CNN after Trump tweeted gave them the hashtag #FraudNewsCNN.

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