Monday, September 4, 2017

Conservative tells MSNBC Trump can’t stop tripping over his own d*ck on Russia: ‘That’s a problem’

Conservative political strategist and blogger Liz Mair told MSNBC on Sunday that President Donald Trump just doesn’t know when to stop talking sometimes and ends up “tripping over his you-know-what” with regards to the charges he is facing regarding Russia and the firing of FBI Director James Comey. “Look,” she told anchor Richard Liu, “I don’t think it’s surprising given what a big economy and big power Russia is, you know, Donald Trump would have wanted to do some sort of property development there, right, that stands to reason. I think what’s troublesome about this is, first of all, in order to develop property in Russia, you have to be in good with the Putin regime.”

“The other thing is you have the president — to use a crude term — having tripped over his own you-know-what by making statements that really indicate that there was nothing there and it turns out there might have been a little bit of something there,” Mair concluded. “And that’s a problem he has.”

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