Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fox News baffled by Trump’s flurry of DACA contradictions: ‘The more you listen, the less you understand’

The reason for this, as one Fox News panel explained on Thursday, is that the president keeps contradicting himself on a regular basis. “The more you listen, the less you understand,” said panelist Ari Fleischer. “The president is in Florida this morning contradicting what he said as he left the White House earlier in the morning. Early in the morning, the president basically said that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi were right — we discussed an agreement on DACA that did not involve the wall. He gets to Florida and he says, ‘Without the wall, there is nothing.’ I’m confused.”

“Maybe he’s giving himself wiggle room,” she said. “You can pick up a statement that you like and say here’s what he said.” Fleischer admitted that could be Trump’s strategy, although he called it an “odd tactic.” “It’s confusion on both your allies and the people you meet on the other side of the aisle,” he said.

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