Saturday, September 16, 2017

Fox Sports’ Pam Oliver to Smerconish: Curt Schilling Is ‘Way Out There on Planet Mars’

Following a combative and frankly bonkers interview with ex-baseball great Curt Schilling, CNN’s Michael Smerconish welcomed on Fox Sports’ Pam Oliver to discuss the major media story of the week — the Jemele Hill controversy surrounding the ESPN anchor calling President Donald Trump a “white supremacist.”

“Oh, my gosh, what is happening here,” she said. “I’m thinking Curt Schilling was fired because they didn’t like him. It is mind-boggling the conversation that you just had.”


“I think you have to look at these cases individually,” Oliver noted. “Obviously, with Curt Schilling, he’s kind of way out there on planet Mars. He’s kind of insulting in his assertions here. As far as the transgender matter goes. And I feel that with Jemele, her comments were basically just her personal opinion.”

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