Tuesday, September 12, 2017

‘It appears to be pornography’: Local stations awkwardly report on Cruz’s naughty tweet — and it’s hilarious

Local TV news programs across the country struggled on Tuesday to explain to their morning audiences that Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) Twitter account had shared a pornographic video. “Somebody got ahold of the account,” one anchor offered sheepishly on KCBS. “More people get in trouble on Twitter,” another anchor complained. “He should just block everybody,” a reporter replied. “It’s not really Twitter’s fault,” the second anchor opined. “What are you doing? Just in general, people get crazy on Twitter.”

“Probably run by some intern,” the co-anchor speculated, enunciating the word “pornographic” over and over again with deep concern. “Cruz professes of course to be a defender of family values.” “A hardcore porn video,” the anchor for San Antonio’s NBC affiliate announced. “Take a look,” a reporter said, pointing to a screen shot of the video. “It appears to show the senator liked a tweet from an account called ‘Sexual Posts’. It includes a two-minute clip that appears to be pornography.”

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