Friday, September 8, 2017

Maddow: Mike Pence’s long list of Russia lies lands him in Mueller’s crosshairs

While recapping Donald Trump Jr.’s testimony to the Senate Thursday, Maddow noted that it was now accepted and admitted fact that the Trumps put out a false statement saying the meeting in Trump Tower was something other than what it was. “That’s obviously mendacious, right, but is it criminal?” Maddow asked. “It seems clear from the conceded facts that the president was personally involved in concocting a statement about that meeting that attempted to disguise the true nature and purpose of the Trump Tower meeting. To make it seem like something other than his campaign seeking Russian government assistance for their efforts against Hillary Clinton in the presidential campaign.

“That’s really bad news for the president,” Maddow continued. “That means the special counsel has a veritable pu pu platter if that’s the stuff he’s running to ground. If that’s what he’s investigating, efforts to mislead the public about contacts with Russians, there’s a lot to choose from if that’s what the special counsel is going to be running to ground. If there’s potential criminality, there are a lot of misleading the public, creating a false pretext-type statements that have been made about Russia by members of the trump campaign and the Trump administration. A lot of them.” “Mike Pence did bluntly asserted multiple times that there had been no contacts between the Trump campaign and Russians during the campaign,” Maddow recalled. “That was false. Mike Pence’s bluntly asserted that Trump national security adviser Mike Flynn had never talked to the Russians about sanctions. That was false. Mike Pence bluntly asserted that he had no idea Mike Flynn had foreign business ties, even though Pence was running the transition when the transition was notified multiple times in writing and in person by Flynn’s lawyers that yeah, Flynn had foreign business ties.”

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