Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Morning Joe Mocks Trump For Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims

it seems Scarborough’s time vacationing in the New England woodlands hasn’t dulled him one bit. During the show’s first hour, the Morning Joe host took a moment between DACA, North Korea and tax reform to mock President Trump’s personal effort at helping victims of Hurricane Harvey. On set, they mocked Trump’s efforts to lend a hand as insufficient, citing this Tweet on air. The video shows Trump innocuously loading supplies into a truck.


He hits the cab twice because that's how wealthy people think working and middle class people interact with trucks
“Here’s your bag of cement,” said Scarborough doing an intentional “dumb-person voice.”
There was laughter.
“That’s why you call it a truck,” he added.
More laugher — then they played the video.
“Ok. Bucket?” said Mika.
Then there was laugher, and more inaudible “dumb person noises.”
When Trump finally ended up putting the supplies on the truck flatbed, somebody clapped derisively off camera.
More laughing.

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