Friday, September 15, 2017

Pretty pathetic’: Ex-Obama advisor slams Trump for coddling white supremacists

On CNN, conservative commentator Mary Katharine Ham said, “He wants to be right and he’s not good at laying things to rest.” “Yeah an epiphany,” said former advisor to ex-President Barack Obama Stephanie Cutter, chuckling. “An epiphany about how bad white supremacy is? An epiphany about the long history in this country about racism? It’s a pretty pathetic day when we’re talking about a president needing an epiphany on those subjects.”

Anchor Jake Tapper said nobody expected Trump to have an overnight epiphany about race issues, even after meeting with black South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott. “I appreciate Sen. Scott going in there and trying to educate the president, but I think Mary Katharine is right, he is who he is,” Cutter said. “This is what he believes. Nothing’s going to change that. No matter how much this White House tries to spin a story otherwise.”

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