Monday, September 18, 2017

Scarborough Eviscerates Trump’s ‘Bumbling and Stupid’ Lawyers: ‘These Jackasses!’

Joe Scarborough, naturally, took time out Monday morning to rail against the keystone cop-ish-ness of the President’s esteemed barristers.

“I cannot believe how bumbling and how stupid these guys are,” Scarborough said. “They are the most indiscreet attorneys — I mean it — I ever heard in my life.”

The Morning Joe host went on to reference a number of angry emails sent by Trump’s lawyers. Earlier this month, attorney Ty Cobb asked a reporter if she was “on drugs.” And before that, attorney Mark Kasowitz sent threatening emails to a stranger — calling him a “piece of sh*t.”

“[T]hese clowns are sending e-mails in the middle of the night,” Scarborough said. “These jackasses! … Can you imagine what Matlock would say to these guys if he was in their firm?” Scarborough said.

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