Saturday, September 16, 2017

Smerconish Gets Personal With Curt Schilling: You Were Pompous in Philly and ‘You’re Pompous Today’

CNN has had a helluva time of it these past 24 hours with conservative sports voices on their network. Yesterday afternoon, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin lost it and ended a segment early after Fox Sports’ Clay Travis repeatedly said that he believes in only two things — the First Amendment and boobs. Baldwin was so incensed about the event that she wrote an op-ed for later that night.

“CNN has been at the vanguard from everything from the [Steele] dossier, to calling Trump a white supremacist time after time, anchor after anchor with no validation, no support for the comments. And the white supremacy 20 years ago on the Oprah Winfrey show. This is the same that said with female anchors with her hands up, don’t shoot. Even though that was considered to be a complete fabrication or lie. I never heard anyone at CNN retract that.”

“I get it, you guys work on getting ratings, you need to be bombastic, and you need to make assumptions for the viewers because you guys operate on the notion that we’re too stupid to speak for ourselves,” Schilling exclaimed. “The fact of the matters is, my comment was around the fact I don’t need my government to tell me where to pee.” “You know what you were pompous when you were in Philly and you’re pompous today,” Smerconish declared. “You come on my program and make a number of wild assertions, none with specificity relative to me and my program.”

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