Saturday, September 16, 2017

Smoking gun?: Maddow pinpoints a massive missing link in the flurry of Trump firings and resignations

According to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, “Pence has been caught out in way more of these scandals than his bland Beltway press coverage would have you believe.”

“Pence insisted — insisted — that there were no contacts at all between the Trump campaign and Russian officials during the campaign,” she said. “That of course, was not true, either.”

He also was the first to claim that former FBI Director James Comey was fired due to an “internal process” a day prior to Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s bogus excuse went public.

 The vice president and his rumored falsehoods have long been a fascination of Maddow’s. Earlier this year, she rightfully blasted Pence’s claim that he was unaware of Flynn’s contact with Turkish officials. In May, she guessed correctly that he must have known about the fired adviser’s vulnerability to Russian compromise after (fired) former acting Attorney General Sally Yates testified before Congress. And just last week, she said Pence “has stuff to worry about” when it comes to his long string of lies and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

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