Friday, September 15, 2017

Watch CNN report details how Russia manipulated Fox and Breitbart to help punk US voters

During a report on Jake Tapper’s “The Lead,” Griffin explained the alarming way in which Russia used a network of social media trolls were able to spread false information about Hillary Clinton across multiple platforms. “It’s called the Internet Research Agency,” Griffin reported. “A company U.S. intelligence officials called ‘Russia’s Troll Army,’ a state funded organization that blogs and tweets on behalf of the Kremlin. Facebook is one of the top sites Russians target to spread their fake messages and that is why congressional investigators are demanding Facebook open up its own records, help track the fake Russian news, find out who was behind it.”

“Experts say the overall effect was to spread so much disinformation, it all just started to look real, and attacks on the so-called mainstream media played right into the Russians’ hands,” Griffin said.

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