Saturday, September 9, 2017

WATCH: Colbert ridicules ‘courageous’ Don Jr. for sneaking in through backdoor loading dock for Russia testimony

Late Show host Stephen Colbert got in a few shots at Donald Trump Jr. on Friday, mocking him for ducking the cameras before testifying in front of congressional investigators by sneaking in through a loading dock. ‘Yesterday, eldest son and man whose head makes its own gravy, Donald Trump Jr., had a really big day on Capitol Hill,” Colbert began. “He met with Senate Judiciary Committee investigators. You see, he has been accused of having met with a Russian lawyer in the hopes of getting dirt on Hillary Clinton.”

“He explained that it was all a big misunderstanding,” he added before reading from a headline, “In fact he was meeting with ‘a Russian lawyer in the hopes of getting dirt on Hillary Clinton.’ See? Nothing to see here folks” “Yes,” the CBS host quipped. “Deep in the bowels of the Capitol where all of America’s most courageous leaders are pooped out.”

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