Friday, September 8, 2017

Watch Sanders on Complaints Over Trump’s Deal with Dems: People Wanted a Leader, Not ‘Partisan Bickering’...LOL

The deal Trump made with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi passed through Congress today, where it received a 316-90 approval in the House of Representatives. Some conservative figures are not too happy with the deal Trump agreed to, however, and all 90 votes against today’s package came from GOP lawmakers. Sanders addressed this on Friday when she was asked about whether the Trump Administration would be open to more bipartisanship in the future, and whether there was any concern about the GOP’s “annoyance” with the deal.

“I think that the president’s focus was doing what was best for the American people, and that’s why he’s the president. The people wanted somebody to be a leader, they wanted somebody that was going to step up and take action and get things done, and that’s exactly what the president did. I think the last thing we want to do is play partisan politics when we have people in places like Texas and Louisiana that need financial support through the federal government. The president wanted to make sure that happened and that got taken care of and that’s what he did.”

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